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Righting Wrongs, Rebuilding Lives.

We help people harmed by wrongful conduct receive the justice they deserve. We believe that it is important that the injured are fully compensated and that wrongdoers are held accountable. When this happens, the scales of justice are balanced, and everyone is made safer.

​There is a culture of greed that has risen up in corporations and even entire industries that puts profits over people’s lives. In their quest for massive profits, these corporations will lie, engage in criminal conduct, and hide important safety information, even if innocent lives are permanently harmed or lost. Left unchecked, these corporations become emboldened and more and more people are harmed.

It is our mission to stand up for everyday citizens who have been harmed by the immoral conduct of these massive powerful corporations. Working together with other like-minded law firms, we seek justice for each and every person these corporations have harmed. Justice compensates those who have been harmed and costs these corporations money, which helps to deter future misconduct.

About The PH Law Firm

Nationwide Representation | No Fees Unless We Win

PH Law Firm is short for Paglialunga & Harris, PS. For the last 20 years, ​PH Law Firm’s attorneys have been advocating for people against insurance companies, drug companies, and medical device manufacturers.

We take cases that matter. Your case matters to you, and it matters to us. But your case also matters to society as a whole because without accountability for unsafe and wrongful conduct, more people get harmed or die. We believe the cases we handle make everyone safer. Many of the cases we handle involve fraudulent and even criminal conduct on the part of corporations that have deliberately concealed information about how their products can harm people. It’s important that these bad actors compensate EVERY person they harm.

We work hard for our clients so they can receive the full justice the law will allow. We believe deserving cases should be resolved and settled quickly and efficiently. But if defendants refuse to do what’s right and provide our clients the justice they deserve, we are prepared to fight for our clients in the courtroom. Our track record of results speaks for itself.

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