Bair Hugger

Bair Hugger Infection Lawsuit Overview

What’s The Case About? Bair Hugger is a forced air warming blanket used during surgeries like knee and hip replacements. Lawsuits allege it is defectively designed because it picks up bacteria off the operating room floor and causes these bacteria to get into the wound. These nationwide lawsuits allege that thousands of people have suffered life threatening infections as a result. Many have endured multiple surgeries or even amputation. We are not suing doctors.


Why Is The Manufacturer To Blame? The law requires medical device manufacturers to be truthful about the risks of their products. When manufacturers hide important safety information to induce doctors to use their products, it’s important that they compensate everyone they harmed.


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Bair Hugger Infection Lawsuit Quickfacts

What did the manufacturer do wrong? According to the inventor of the Bair Hugger, this device increases the risk of infection. When the inventor of the Bair Hugger publicly stated that the device was actually increasing the risk of life threatening infections, GM denied there were problems with its product and attempted to discredit this doctor as being biased because he has invented what he considers a safer alternative.


What harm was caused? If proven correct, thousands of people who have had knee or hip replacement surgeries developed life threatening infections that were extremely difficult to treat. To treat these infections, the standard protocol is to have a surgery to remove the knee or hip implant and treat with intravenous antibiotics for months. Many of our clients had to suffer through multiple surgeries. In some cases, the infection was so difficult to treat that our clients lost their leg.


Who qualifies? Anyone who had a knee or hip replacement surgery after 2007 and developed an infection within a year should call us immediately for a free
case evaluation.


How much? It is very early in this litigation and it is difficult to predict settlement values. However, one of the factors that can make a case a million dollar case are very serious injuries. In these cases, many of our clients have experienced suffering that is so horrible, that we believe that these are very big cases.


Why join? This is an opportunity to be involved in what we believe is a very important case. It’s important that medical device manufacturers fully compensate every person they harmed when they put profits before safety. If they are not held fully accountable for their bad conduct, they will be encouraged to do it again. When you join the lawsuit, you are joining with thousands of others just like you. Together, you have the power to teach medical device manufacturers they can’t get away with hiding or discrediting safety information about their products in order to increase profits. This helps keep everyone safe.


What if I can’t afford an attorney? We charge no fees unless we win.


I’m busy. Can I join? Because there are thousands of cases, there is a very minimal time commitment for each person, much much less than a normal lawsuit.


Are there time limits? Yes. Time limits apply and you can lose your right to compensation so contact us today to protect your rights.


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