IVC Filter

IVC Filter Lawsuit Overview

What’s The Case About? IVC Filters are filters surgically implanted in the inferior vena cava, the largest vein in the body, in order to prevent blood clots from traveling into the heart or lungs. These filters have been shown to have incredibly high failure rates, with some models failing 40% of the time. When these filters fail, they can break apart, sometimes causing pieces of metal to travel through the circulatory system towards the heart or lungs. Nationwide, thousands of people have suffered life threatening injuries or have died as a result. Many people are walking around without realizing that they have a broken IVC filter inside of them.


Why Is The Manufacturer To Blame? The law requires medical device manufacturers to be truthful about the risks of their products. When manufacturers hide important safety information to induce doctors to use their products, it’s important that they compensate everyone they harmed.


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IVC Filter Lawsuit Quickfacts

What did the manufacturer do wrong? They sold a product that was defectively designed and poorly tested. When information came out showing that its product was causing life threatening infections, it denied there were problems with its product and attempted to discredit doctors who were speaking out. According to a national news report, one of the manufacturers may have forged documents it submitted to the FDA.


What harm was caused? As a result, thousands of people who had the IVC Filters implanted have suffered serious injuries, some requiring surgeries. Tens of thousands more are estimated to be walking around without realizing they have a broken filter inside of them, which could potentially cause a serious or fatal event. Everyone who has an IVC Filter inside of them should see their doctor and determine through imaging studies if their filter is broken and if they need an emergency surgery to remove it.


Who qualifies? Anyone who had an IVC Filter implanted should call us immediately for a free case evaluation.


How much? It is very early in this litigation and it is difficult to predict settlement values. However, one of the factors that can make a case a million dollar case are very serious injuries. In these cases, many of our clients have experienced serious injuries and for those clients who have not yet discovered their injury but may require an invasive surgery, damages in the hundreds of thousands of dollars are being claimed.


Why join? This is an opportunity to be involved in a very important case. It’s important that the medical device manufacturer fully compensate every person they harmed. If they are not held fully accountable for their bad conduct, they will be encouraged to do it again. When you join the lawsuit, you are joining with thousands of others just like you. Together, you have the power to teach medical device manufacturers they can’t get away with hiding or discrediting safety information about their products in order to increase profits. This helps keep everyone safe.


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I’m busy. Can I join? Because there are thousands of cases, there is a very minimal time commitment for each person, much much less than a normal lawsuit.


Are there time limits? Yes. Time limits apply and you can lose your right to compensation so contact us today to protect your rights.


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